Dan Holst Soelberg - Cat Print Art

Cats, cats, cats!

Dan Holst Soelberg - Cat Print Art

Pencil sketch that became this new artwork

I have been drawing cats lately.

Not just any cat, but a particularly shaped cat. I envision this as a pattern. I haven’t figured out yet how the pattern can be used exactly. I also want it to live as a print that can be framed and hung. I’m excited to introduce it!

Dan Holst Soelberg - Cat Print Art

The complete artwork

I will officially introduce the artwork at Geequinox in Halifax this weekend. Click here for complete Geequinox event details. I will have prints for sale, along with the original artwork.

If you can’t attend, the print will be available at my online shop May 1, 2017. Click here to pre-order.

For those who can attend, see you at Geequinox in a few days!