Dan Holst Soelberg prints available

Prints & greeting cards are here!

I am extremely happy to announce the arrival of my new prints and two new greeting cards! I shared photos of one greeting card yesterday, and now you can see the other one below, plus a teaser pic of the prints (above). I’m thrilled with the quality of these prints. They are sharp and true reproductions.

Originally, I had some large-scale posters printed of my book illustrations and the reception was great. But over the past couple of years, folks have told me the posters are too big and they want something they can put into a smaller frame. These new prints are the answer. They are full-scale digital reproductions of my drawing boards. Exactly 32cm x 32cm to match the originals. To make framing easy, Ikea has a handsome 50cm x 50cm black frame that fits exactly. You can see the frame on Ikea’s website by clicking here. The Ikea frame even includes a mat so you just pop in my drawing and you have ready-to-hang artwork.

I should say a few words about the new greeting cards. Greeting card shopping is a special torment for me. I always wind up arduously searching the pharmacy greeting card rack for that one perfect message, but nothing feels right and so I finally end my hour-long sweaty, foot-aching agony buying another dumb card with a fart joke. So, dammit, I’m making my own cards now!

I’ll have the greeting cards and signed prints available at the Small Press & Literary Festival happening Sunday at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel between 10:30am and 4:30pm. Details and vendor list are here.

Hope you can join me!

This is the greeting card for that special someone in your life who makes gift buying torture. Let them know!

This is the greeting card for that special someone in your life who makes gift buying torture. Let them know!


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