The Beguiling is a Toronto shop in a category of its own. And now it carries my books.

The Beguiling storefront

Photos are from Christopher Butcher’s posting on

The Beguiling first floorI stepped into The Beguiling carrying my 11-month-old, and closely watching my four-year-old walking two steps ahead of me as he was immediately excited by everything in the shop. Peter Birkmoe, the owner of The Beguiling greeted me warmly. As I introduced him to my books and the idea of selling them in his shop, a couple of shy teenage girls entered and one of them politely interrupted to ask about a certain graphic novel. She was visibly wincing, expecting that response was not one she wanted to hear. Without hesitation, Peter directed them upstairs. Elation overcame the girl. A few minutes later, the pair returned to the till and the one who made the inquiry was hugging a book and wearing the most ecstatic grin. This was a treasure she had most definitely been seeking for some time. After ringing her purchase through, Peter said “Enjoy!”, and she left the shop giggling, “Oh, believe me, I will!!”

I’m guessing that kind of thing happens a lot at The Beguiling. And now The Beguiling is selling my books in soft cover. I couldn’t be more excited! I am an enormous fan of The Beguiling and their devotion to (as their own website puts it) “alternative, underground and avant-garde graphic story telling.” If you haven’t visited The Beguiling before, make a point of going there soon.

The Beguiling is located at 601 Markham Street, just west of Bathurst and south of Bloor on the same block as the Historic Honest Ed’s department store.
The closest TTC stop is Bathurst Station, on the Bloor Subway line.

The Beguiling map

For complete information on The Beguiling, please visit their website by clicking here


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