Fan Expo 2014 starts Thursday

Thanks for all the support and love sent my way. It was a weird little medical episode I went through a couple weeks back but I’m feeling 100% now. I have passed every test with flying colours! You can read my original post by clicking here.

Update on my new book and my search for an agent: I’m still seeking. I’m thinking this could take some time. There’s been interest and I have a meeting, but I’m patient and I think that’s the right frame of mind. This is a time to wait. And wait. With a side of wait.

Buttons featuring my drawings made by nerdbiskit. Photo appears on

Buttons featuring my drawings made by nerdbiskit. Photo is from

And now my big news of the week: I’ll be at Fan Expo August 28-31 in Toronto. Available for visitors this year will be my new signed prints, as well as my new greeting cards. I have added them to my online shop, so you can see the prints here and the greeting cards here. I’ll also premiere the 2015 calendar with illustrations from Dwellers of Lurching Swill. Calendars are updated to include Canadian holidays, thanks to the sage advice of Stacey Thompson. My button supply has been replenished thanks to Lisa Bell at nerdbiskit (check out nerdbiskit’s tumblr here), and posters are well stocked. If you want me to sign and dedicate a book, just ask and I’ll be more than happy to oblige. You’ll find me in the Artist Alley at table A265.

Fan Expo 2014: path to Dan Holst Soelberg's table A265

You’ll find me at table A265, near the South Building’s main food court.

Once you get off the bottom of the escalators of the South Building, turn left past the information table, enter the Hall F Entrance, and walk past the food court to my table. My poster tower should be recognizable from the aisle.

For all the Fan Expo information you need, please check out the official site here. I’m excited to see all my friends there. I’m on the hunt for some comics this year too!


2 thoughts on “Fan Expo 2014 starts Thursday

  1. Dan, I am so glad we came across your booth at fan expo! Thank you for dedicating your book to me in such a cool way. Your book brings laughter and creativity to our lives. I’m not sure if you remember my husband Eric and I but we will be showing your book to everyone we know in Erie, PA, USA. Good Luck in your search for a publisher.


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