My holidays so far

Ornament by Gloom MatterI thought it fitting to wrap up the last day of 2014 with a year-end update. I recently took part in the winter edition of Bazaar of the Bizarre. Another great show organized by Adriana at Plastik Wrap.

Louise Peacock took tons of photos and posted them on her blog Fashion Business Fun. Take a look. I’m sure this will entice anyone who missed it to come next time, especially if you’re often stumped for gift ideas. I picked up a bunch of Christmas gifts from my favourite maker of handmade body care products, Peculiar Potions. Quality products made from ingredients that are not cruelly tested on animals. It was a pleasure chatting with Peculiar Potions’ Becka. It was easy to do since she was positioned directly across from my table!

At the Bazaar, I signed a book for “The Addams Family”. I kid you not. The lovely woman I was signing the book for explained that she and her husband will be legally changing their family surname to Addams since neither felt comfortable acquiring the other’s last name and Addams suited their personalities. What a fantastic idea!

Ornaments by Gloom Matter

These ornaments are now part of the Soelberg Christmas tradition. Thank you Marla!

A little while later, the soon to be Mrs. Addams gave me a gift “from the Addams family to the Soelberg family.” They are beautiful ornaments. It turns out the nearly Mrs. Addams is also known as Marla from Gloom Matter, and she was selling her wares at the Bazaar too. Thank you Marla.

Before I say goodbye to 2014, I want to share a lovely note I received from a fan. I made a couple of new prints this winter, both requested by fans. So, as of now, my shop has brand new prints of Tilda and Shaw. I promised not to make Tilda available before Christmas because it was a secret gift. Note from Jenn to Dan Holst SoelbergThe print of Shaw was requested by Jenn, who was decked out in a fantastic Mars Attacks! costume at the recent Hamilton Comic Con. I found payment from Jenn yesterday in my rusty old mailbox with a nice note written on the envelope. Thank you Jenn. Your words mean a lot.

Dan Holst Soelberg trimming fence posts

Here I am trying to stay warm as I trim down fence posts with a reciprocating saw. I love tools!

So, I’ll be spending the rest of my time off putting the finishing touches on my fence (yes, that’s still happening!) and doing lots of nothing with my family. Here’s to another year!

Shaw & Grey

When the photographer’s direction is to eat cookies, Shaw and Grey are natural models!


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