Shadow Abuse Original Art Exhibition

Shadow Abuse decoration Top


Bending Spoons Gallery @

Vesuvio Pizzeria & Spaghetti House

3010 Dundas St W, Toronto

Show Runs

Sept 21 – Oct 25, 2015

Shadow Abuse decoration Bottom

I’m now showing original artwork from the book Shadow Abuse at my favourite Pizzeria in Toronto, Vesuvio Pizzeria & Spaghetti House. Fourteen pieces of artwork in total, which is a couple more than I usually do. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to host a reception this time around, but if you buy a piece from me I will personally meet you at the restaurant when the exhibition is over and give you a signed book with your artwork. I have two copies of the softcover for you to read at the bar, so if you haven’t been able to read the book yet, now you can.

The artwork was hung last weekend so it is ready and waiting for you! I was hoping to post this invitation sooner but I’ve fallen ill with a flu that isn’t going anywhere. I’m hoping I’ll shake it by tomorrow.

Here is a preview of eight of the pieces I’m showing at this exhibition. Some of these have never been shown online, so they may be brand new to you:

Fairly_ Shadow_Abuse_DanHolstSoelberg

Fairly mashed his shadow into the mix

Wayne_ Shadow_Abuse_DanHolstSoelberg

Wayne weighed his down using several bricks

Clover_ Shadow_Abuse_DanHolstSoelberg

Clover’s careened off the chateau’s high roof

Milt_ Shadow_Abuse_DanHolstSoelberg

Milt put a match to his shadow and poof

Channary_ Shadow_Abuse_DanHolstSoelberg

Channary’s shadow chose door number one

Flip_ Shadow_Abuse_DanHolstSoelberg

Flip had an unseemly concept of fun

Sebastian_ Shadow_Abuse_DanHolstSoelberg

Sebastian sold his to a treacherous tramp

Gabe_ Shadow_Abuse_DanHolstSoelberg

Gabe did the ghastliest things with a clamp

Shadow Abuse By Dan Holst SoelbergYou can purchase your very own copy of Shadow Abuse from my online shop.


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