Blogless solitude

I’ve been a bit reclusive lately, working away on some interesting and time-consuming projects. Time for blogging has gone down to near-nill. The obvious way to get blog content is to share the process of my projects. That’s getting tough lately as some of the projects must remain off social media at the request of the project overseers.

One of the things I am happy to be part of (and I can talk about!) is an indie publication called The Quilliad. As their website states, it’s an eclectic mix of “poetry, prose, flash fiction and more”. The editor-in-chief, Sarah Varnam contacted me to contribute to the spooky October edition. I have a rough drawing penciled and ready for inking. You can be sure that I’ll be sharing that once it’s done.

The Quilliad profile on Dan Holst Soelberg

A screen grab of The Quilliad’s profile on me

In the meantime, The Quilliad blog has posted a flattering profile on yours truly that you can read by clicking here. The Quilliad is a crowdfunded publication, and I’m happy to share their Kickstarter campaign with you. You can check it out here.

Time to get back to my drawing board. My drawing board of blogless solitude.